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This help page is largely intended to help users of this site who use assistive technology for navigating web pages. It is a text-only version of the site.

Your website, your vision, our creation, from just £199.
We will use your own words and pictures to design your website to your specifications, in order to achieve your presence on the world wide web.
We can arrange hosting for you and we guarantee to maintain your site FREE for one year. Our hosting charge is just £6.99 per annum. If however you wish us to host your site for you as one of our subdomains, we will gladly do that for free, which allows us to have complete control over everything we do for you. An example of a subdomain is: yoursite.web1a.co.uk.
We can help and make recommendations should you wish to register your own domain name. To keep things simple, we use the same provider for registration as for hosting, but of course if you wish to register your domain name yourself, you are free to do so.
Contact us for a no-obligation quotation. Email us, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
Price includes one home page, two more pages, and a contact form. You provide your own photos and graphics which you would like included; we will discuss your preferred layout, and we can also provide you with some graphics too. You will need to tell us what text you would like. We then design and upload the website to the servers, and you can then comment on any changes you would like us to make. You can expect the whole process to take less than three working days, from initial consultation, by email, phone or face-to-face, to first draft on the internet for your perusal.

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